Contact Zen In Motion to schedule an evaluation of your pet today.

Just a reminder before scheduled appointments;

  • Either canine or equine may not have had their vaccinations done within 48hrs of scheduled appointment.

  • Do not feed 2 hours prior to appointment

  • Any post-surgerial appointment they must be a min of 10 days post surgury.

  • Client intake form to be filled out at first appointment disclosing all information about the animal.

Please note: The internet is not always reliable. If you send an email to and you do not get a personal response within 24 hours, please call.

Treatment Recommendations & Options

The following pages show canine client cases and their results. Depending on if the client is recovering from an injury or just requires maintenance, Pennie offers you a complete progam designed to fit your canine or equine's needs.


Assessments will be done on a client by client basis as each canine or equine will have different needs and healing times. At times additional treatments may be required or suggested.


Please note: all treatments and maintenance will not take the place of veterinary care. If your canine or equine requires any veterinary care it is highly recommended to contact them directly.