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Client #9

Cocker Spaniel female 12 years old.

Recent issues with Bladder and Bowel. Problems cleared up with veterinarian, but she was still not her happy self. 

Massage time 50 min

Improved topline and croup head carriage. her general appearance is more comfortable.

Client #8

Border Collie, Female, 22 months old

Improved Topline / Underline
Massage duration 65 min

Client #5 through #9

Maintanience protocol

Client #5
Belgian Tervuren, Female 10 yrs old

Dam to 3 litters
No injury reported, Massage duration 45 min

Note: immproved topline / underline

Client #6

Anatolian Shepherd, Female, 6 yrs old

Weight uneven distribution, hind end weakness

Note improvement of hindquarters and front pasterns

Client #7
Belgian Tervuren, Female 14 months old

No injury reported, Massage duration 30 min

Improved topline/undrline; standing square

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