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Welcome to Zen in Motion! 

Zen In Motion is owned and operated by Pennie Jackson.

Pennie has been involved in dog sport for 20+ years. Her ring experience includes Obedience, Agility, Confirmation, Flyball and training for herding, tracking and rally obedience.

In addition to dog sports, competition in the equestrian ring includes Dressage, Jumper, Hunter and Eventing. Although it has been a few years since her involvement with the horse world her love of the animals and knowledge has not diminished.

Pennie is able to offer a comprehensive treatment plan with informed, knowledgeable insights to the specific requirements of her clients.

We invite you to visit us...

Please contact Zen In Motion to schedule an evaluation of your pet today.

Please note: The internet is not always reliable. If you send an email and you do not get a personal response within 24 hours, please call.

All your Canine, Equine and human needs in one place:
  • Canine massage

  • Treatment and Maintanance options available

  • Equine appointments on site

  • Human massage - chair spa massage only for handlers

  • Educational seminars available

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