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Pennie offers seminars at a location of your choice. Seminars can be full or half days and will be informing the participant on the importance of canine massage as treatment and maintenance. Providing these services to your team will ensure full sucess.....More information about seminars and date availability contact Pennie directly by email or calling.

Training Seminars and Clinics

Canine Massage

Canine massage is a great way to ensure your canine is in top form for day to day life. Massage can also be used as part of a treatment program for an injury or ailment. Understanding your canine's needs is important for maintaining a well balanced dog.


Equine Massage

Helping your horse stay in top shape and form. Relaxing and releasing muscle soreness and tension. I can provide a program based on the needs of your horse. For additional information or a consultation of my services call or email me.

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